Amritsar Train Accident: Gateman Reveals Exclusive Details Of What Happened That Night | ABP News

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After the horrifying train accident of Amritsar, the gate-man of the Jora Phatak who was being held responsible for the mishap, appeared in front of the media for the first time and denied the allegations of 'negligence' being leveled against him.

The gate man named Amit told ABP News that it is wrong to hold him responsible for the accident. He said that the accident occurred 400 meters away from the Jora Phatak where it was not possible to see anything due to the darkness, it did not occcur because of his negligence.

He said that he had no information about the Dussehra event.

Earlier, the driver claimed that he was given green signal and all clear and had no idea that hundreds of people were standing on the tracks when the train crossed the area.

Even after 37 hours of the accident, movement of trains on the tracks remain suspended.

Municipal corporation councilor Vijay Madan and her son Sourabh Madan Mithu, the main organisers of the Dussehra celebration have gone underground with other family members.

According to police, a few people angry over the accident attacked their residence, broke window panes and pelted stones on Saturday.

Following this, the Madan family members have gone to an undisclosed location and also switched off their mobile phones. However, police personnel have been deployed at the residence.

Vijay Madan is the sitting councillor from ward number 29 falling under the Amritsar East assembly constituency. The Madan family members were the main organisers of the Dussehra event where the train accident took place.

The accident happened when a crowd of Dussehra revellers spilled onto the railway tracks near Jora Phatak and could not see the train approaching them. They were crushed under the wheels of the train coming from Jalandhar and heading towards Amritsar station.

The Indian Railways has said it was not informed by the organisers or the local administration that the Dussehra event was being organised close to railway tracks.

The speeding train ran over people watching the burning of Ravana effigy on the occasion of the Dussehra celebrations at the Dhobi Ghat ground which is said to be barely 2 km from the Amritsar station.

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